Powerful Protection

Andro Sentry app has a powerful anti-virus scanner
protecting your phone from viruses, malware, adware, and trojans.
It uses the most advanced scan engines to detect threats and
fix them regularly to ensure protection all the time.

App Blocker

Our security app has a unique protection feature
to restrict access to your personal apps. You can secure
access to these sensitive apps and personalize them using
fingerprints, patterns or PINs.

Call Blocking

Worried too much about unknown calls bothering you.
Use our app to block all unwanted calls. You can add numbers
to the blocklist at any time and also view the history of blocked
numbers stored on the server. You could review the same and
make necessary changes later.

Wifi Security

Andro Sentry protects your device whenever you connect
online through Wifi networks.
Determine (a) Current network to which the target device
is connected.(b) Mobile hotspots and remove the unwanted
from your list of trusted and blocked hotspots.
(c) List of all available networks around you.


Full scanner, SD card scanner, App scanner, Virus scanner - 
Run a complete scan of your mobile device and protect against
viruses, malware and other malicious threats using our app.
You could also scan your phone on a periodic basis daily, weekly
or monthly and schedule it to occur automatically.

Anti Theft

SIM serial, GPS tracking, Alarm, Phone locking mechanism, Phone wipe
data functions (All these operations would function once a command sms
is sent from a registered mobile number to the target device)...More than
3 wrong attempts of pattern unlock would enable the front cam to take a
picture and upload it to the server instantly.

Battery Saver

(a) Temperature
(b) Voltage
(c) Battery level
(d) Few functionalities from the Settings dashboard would be
     populated here as well so as to alter their settings for Power optimization.